Managed IT Services By Yessica IT Services

Managed IT Services By Yessica

Being a managed services provider, we manage our clients with use of leading network technologies and management expertise without requiring high initial money expenditures or ongoing purchases in technology upgrades. The Managed Services include on and off site maintenance with 24 times 7 alerting and reply, performance monitoring and research, High-level consulting, and systems maintenance. Managed Services allow our clients’ internal that staffs to give attention to proper activities rather than continuous network support. Yessica IT Services works closely with you to define and determine your operational goals and develop a plan to achieve them. And that we help take benefit of new and emerging technology without disrupting current functions.

Yessica IT Services has worked with hundreds of clients to manage their workplace technology. Which means that companies contract with industry experts who have access to the latest improvements in hardware, software and storage. Here are merely a few of the advantages of outsourcing your tech options.

What Makes The Clients To Choose Us?

Yessica IT Services Supplies proposing IT Consultative and Leadership Services to organizations worldwide. We offer value-driven solutions apart from managing and working hosting, security and a full range of IT support services. Our IT Consultative approach allows us to provide leadership to our clients in a complex rapidly changing IT atmosphere.
The focus is to supply extreme business value in order to our clients enabling all of them to grow their companies, manage their risk/compliance, plus enhance their competitive position by delivering improved company results. Our client-first approach means our solutions are usually dependent on what technologies solutions are needed in order to “fuel” their business, not really a particular hardware or hosting solution.

Our Services Features:

  • • Superior Monitoring

  • • Server Condition Administration

  • • Daily or Monthly Position Reports

  • • Strategic IT Preparing and Budgeting

  • • Server/Workstation Maintenance

  • • Backup Disaster and Recovery Options and Planning

  • • Management of Anti-virus, Junk mail and Spyware Systems

  • • Exchange administration and management

  • • Digital Server and Windows Administration

  • • Document Management Administration and Management